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Long Live Southbank

'The future is in the eyes of the young, and not the minds of the old'



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MK NEWS report:

Solution to 'unacceptable' noise levels at Broughton Gate skate park agreed

Written by James Averill


A solution to noise problems at Broughton Gate skate park - which will meet the conditions of an abatement notice served by Milton Keynes Council - has been agreed.

Milton Keynes Council served an abatement notice on The Parks Trust after it found that noise levels in Broughton Gate skate park were ‘above acceptable thresholds’, including late at night and early in the morning.

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Children need somewhere safe to play

Being active and taking part in learning a new skill is a healthy lifestyle


We cannot keep building houses without leisure facilities



Long Live Southbank

"The future is in the eyes of the young, and not the minds of the old"


When London's Southbank area was being developed the skatepark in the 'Undercroft' was threatened.  The area since the early 1970s was perfect for skateboarding although at that time not a designated skatepark it was a street spot that many skateboarders enjoyed perfecting their skills.

With the growing development of the Southbank Centre a large proportion of original elements of the Southbank are demolished to dissuade skateboarding.  The Undercroft itself had large sections closed off with skateboarders turning to using new skateable objects as skateboarding obstacles.

In a united challenge to the Southbank Centre development Long Live Southbank was set up in 2013 to challenge the proposals to infill the Undercroft with shops and restaurants.

# You Can Make History

The Long Live Southbank campaigns tirelessly to save the Undercroft with the "You Can Make History" slogan highlighting that change can be possible.

Support from Boris Johnson

During his time as Major of London, Boris Johnson supported Long Live Southbank stating:  "The skate park is the epicentre of UK skateboarding and is part of the cultural fabric of London. This much-loved community space has been used by thousands of young people over the years. It attracts tourists from across the world and undoubtedly adds to the vibrancy of the area – it helps to make London the great city it is."

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Success came in 2017 when Lambeth Borough Council approved planning permission and with a huge fundraising effort the Long Live Southbank the funds required to restore the Undercroft were raised.  

By the summer of 2019 the Undercroft's future had been withheld with skateboarders from all parts of the globe coming together to use the amazing skateboarding area again.

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