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Kat Creaser has been very helpful in her role as Parish Councillor for Middleton and Broughton

She has made many posts on the Save Broughton Skatepark Facebook page

some of these are below


Sod it. I don't sit on the Parish Council to see our community's enjoyment spoilt by NIMBY's.

Just sent this to our Ward Councillor John Bint:

John I am disgusted and appalled!

What gives the council the right to close down another public facility that has been paid for with public funds WITHOUT an independent noise assessment (that was not taken in the guys bedroom under his control) and without trying noise dampening methods?

Worse still, ripping it out without finding an alternative site beggars belief. Do we really abhor our children's right to play that much?

I will chain myself to the park on 2nd of July until the promise of a proper consultation is given with all community members not just a select few, or a suitable alternative site within a reasonable time frame has been identified.

The rest of the residents along that street love the park and are appalled that these 2 residents have been given the power to spoil the enjoyment of hundreds of our wards' children.

Please delay this reaction until this has been dealt with properly.


Anyone that can help me out with the cafe on the 2nd July would be wonderful. I'm going to be chained to a bloody skatepark.


Hi all, The Parish Council need to meet with skatepark users on
Wednesday 11th July from 4pm till 6pm. We need to go through our ideas
for saving the park and any changes that made need to be made - so your
input is REALLY important! Can we meet you at the skatepark at 4pm on
Wednesday - bring your scooters, skateboards and bikes so that we can
really see how the park is being used. We won't be able to put it back
once it's changed, so it's really important that we get it right! See
you Wednesday at 4pm!


You may know that the council have said that to save the park, we need
to close the skate park at 7pm every night. We know that is early, but
we need to do this to keep the park and we can talk about the opening
hours later.
The Parks Trust will open the park every morning at
10am, but we need more volunteers to close the park at 7pm. The Parks
Trust will provide all the stuff you need including training etc, and we
are setting up a meeting to cover this - but we need more volunteers
please! Please comment on this thread if you are interested. Thanks!


Hi all, the action group met today and we've got a plan of action to
save the park. We are having various meetings this week and next as we
decide the right routes to take, but in the mean time, we need to set up
a couple of things.
Firstly, we will need a list of volunteer residents who would open and close the park at the times we agree with the council,

Secondly, we need funds! It is going to cost more to save the park then
to close it, so if anyone has any routes for funding, please drop me a
line as we are applying for everything we can.
The Jam was great on Saturday guys!