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Two Mile Ash

Not such how to describe this one

shallow banks up to grindable ledges and as rail

part smooth concrete part tarmac

Skateboard and BMX test


How can it be improved?

What the builder Miletree says

Client/Consultant: Milton Keynes Council 

Contract No: C410

Project Details

This project entailed the refurbishment/re-construction of a local play area with its associated play equipment adjacent to residential housing.
The works comprised of site clearance, refurbishment of an existing skate board plaza, installation of new play equipment with protection matting/surfacing as designed, installation of new safety surfacing and seeding. 

Date: February 2011 Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Milton Keynes

Approx Value: £98,878

Contract: Miletree appointed principal contractor



Two Mile Ash Skatepark