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Skate Parks

We manage to build thousands and thousands of houses in Milton Keynes...., we even manage to build on Green Belt land and park land

and in our opinion when we final get a  good Park thats popular and successful we want to shut it down - the answer is build more! it's so simple

A skatepark is a skills park where you build up your skills as well as having hundreds of things to learn on your scooter, BMX or Skateboard you get to meet lots of new people, communicate, learn and be healthy in a safe environment



MK newspaper 11th July 2012


A PARISH councillor has written to Milton Keynes Council urging it to prove that Broughton Gate skate park is too noisy.

The park hit the headlines in recent weeks when residents complained that the noise was causing a nuisance, with recordings from one of the homes being used as evidence against the park.

Meetings between residents, The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council have since resulted in the decision to demolish the popular skate park.

Paul Baines, who sits on Broughton Parish Council, has penned a letter to the Civic Offices questioning the legitimacy of the recordings.

He wrote: “If there was appetite to remove the ‘children at play’, you will remove a majority of the noise nuisance, and what you are left with seems to be unsociable behaviour. I would argue that this is then a police matter, not a council matter.

“Further to this I challenge the council to prove in public interest that the equipment used can obtain such readings from 40 metres away.

“I publicly make the accusation that these results are not by natural occurrence and are manufactured.

“I believe that the results are either from an open window or users of the footpath which is not the skate park.”


Council Meeting on Wednesday 11th July 2012

Broughton Skate Park...

b) is dismayed at the waste of public money, loss of a popular leisure facility just before the summer holidays, and reputational damage to the Council associated with the placing, and then enforced removal, of the skate park in Broughton Gate;

c) recognises how popular and well-used the skate park has been, the comparatively small number of complaints on noise grounds, the lack of facilities for teenagers available in the area;

d) calls on the Cabinet to urgently review the planning policies which lead to leisure facilities in new developments being placed inappropriately closely to housing, to ensure that this situation cannot occur again;

e) urges immediate talks with Places for People and Crest Nicholson about their plans in Brooklands and Oakgrove respectively;

f) regrets that the Parks Trust has been instructed to remove the skate park without any commitment from the Administration to provide a similar facility elsewhere;

g) believes the Council has a duty to provide a replacement park at a more suitable location well away from residents but convenient for young people; and

h) requests the Cabinet to conduct a review of alternative locations and funding options for a skate park, working with landowners as required, to report back no later than September 2012.