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It is important that the older children of Broughton Gate have a place to play! The council promote Milton Keynes as an up and coming town for families! Shame that only applies to the under 13's, we need to take a stand and show the council that the older childern in MK also need things to do!







Save Broughton Skatepark


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Getting everyone who bmx's/skates/scooters/anything else at Broughton Skate Park, even those who just go there to hang out to LIKE our page to Save Broughton Skatepark


Marion Brook on 

Facebook says

After watching the Olympics the council should keep it open, it would encourage more youngsters to do sports they like and get fresh air!!


Michaella Thompson on Facebook says

Have the people who want to shut down this park thought about the cost? The money will come from the already stretched Parks Trust budget, a budget that is used for the good of all the people in Milton Keynes, money that could be used for a far better purpose than demolishing a popular, well built, well thought out community amenity. Shame on these people who are so short sighted and selfish. We all have to put up with noise, no matter where we live it's a fact of life these days, but I would much rather have the noise of skateboards and children than some of the noises we hear in our area. If you don't like the park move, don't spoil it for everyone else!