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Olympic Skateboarding

Street Culture: Skateboarding makes Olympic Games Debut in 2020 Tokyo Games.

Two skateboarding Olympic Disciplines

Street and Park

The Olympic competition is to include both men's and women's skateboarding events.


The Street competition is held on a straight ‘street-like’ course featuring stairs, handrails, curbs, benches, walls and slopes. Each competitor performs individually, and utilises each section to demonstrate a range of skills, or ‘tricks’. Judging takes into account such factors as the degree of difficulty of the tricks, height, speed, originality, execution and the composition of moves, in order to award an overall mark.


Park competitions take place on a hollowed-out course featuring a series of complicated curves – some resembling large dishes and dome-shaped bowls. From the bottom of the cavity, the curved surfaces rise steeply, with the upper part of the incline either vertical or almost vertical. Among the attractions of park competitions are the immense heights achieved by climbing the curves at speed and performing amazing mid-air tricks.


In skateboarding, the rider is free to select which parts of the course to tackle and which tricks to perform. Even when the same tricks are performed, the flow of the performance can depend greatly on the speed attained. While speed is an important element, marks are awarded for the overall level of difficulty and originality.

In addition, competition judges also take into account the overall flow, timing, stability and to what extent the riders are able to create the sensation of being suspended in mid-air.

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Skateboard GB

Sam Beckett

Sky Brown

Alex Decunha

Alex Hallford

Jordan Thackeray


With help from the Aspiration Fund these five skateboarders including Alex Decunha from Milton Keynes have been selected to potentially qualify for Team GB in the Olympic Games 2020.

Lucy Adams, Skateboard England & Skateboard GB Chair and pro skateboarder, said: “Skateboarding’s appeal is in its youth and diversity and its ability to engage with those who turn away from more traditional sports. The funding will help us realise and build the dreams of these five skateboarders, whilst helping to inspire the next generation.”

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