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What Parish Councillors say


Cllr John Hawthorn


Abbey Hill Parish Council

As no doubt you are aware, MK Partnership were the organisation which caused the problem by locating the Skate Park in that location. I believe we should have a Skate Park; just not in the present location.


MK Partnership have caused untold damage to MK. Please support our petition. I'm just sorry it is too late to have allowed the Skate Park to have been built without a confrontation with residents. I hope the problem can be resolved to everyone's



John Hawthorn



Broughton skate park needs to stay!!!

Broughton skate park needs to stay!!! For the sake of our kids' health as it is an excellent way for them to keep fit. For the sake of their future as it is an excellent way for them to learn/practice focus and determination. And for the sake of Broughton's residents as the older kids need the positive outlet.

Please sign the online petition

and like the facebook page Saving Broughton Skate Park

Thanks for your support



7:59 PM on 21/06/2012

Feel sorry for the kids, there is not much for them to do at the best times and a great set out skate park where they can chill is being taken away from them, maybe we should close the local pubs as we are fed up hearing the noise drunken adults make!!!

It is important that the older children of Broughton Gate have a place to play! The council promote Milton Keynes as an up and coming town for families! Shame that only applies to the under 13's, we need to take a stand and show the council that the older childern in MK also need things to do!

Why People Are Signing

  • about 1 month ago

    This facility is used by lots of kids from around the south east corner of milton keynes, I would much rather they were here playing safely rather than hanging around on street corners and in underpasses getting into trouble and casuing a nuisance there.

  • about 1 month ago

    the residences should have done their research properly when buying their house and checked the plans for the surrounding area. why punish all the kids that use this park which keeps them off the streets just because they couldnt be bothered to check these details. their problem, not the kids. shame to waste that money thats been spent making it a nice play area, the older kids there have always been polite and they should be given a chance, not punished because their teenagers!!!

  • about 1 month ago

    Places such as these keep kids out of trouble, it is a ridiculous decision to close it - the people complaining would soon complain louder when the kids using it get into trouble because they're bored, give kids an outlet to use their energy positively and there will be no problem.

    Aside from that, complaining about the noise of kids having fun - which is a brilliant noise to hear - is the most stupid thing I've heard in a while. And I've listened to Jeremy Hunt at Leveson...

  • about 1 month ago

    Closed parks = kids hanging around bored!! Why do they have to close things down that are free? Nothing left soon, first it was youth clubs, swimming pools now parks?? If it's a money thing then why don't they make the kids who use it responsible for keeping it clean and tidy, making sure there is no trouble etc. They may find that it makes kids into responsible people who really do value and care about something!!

  • about 1 month ago

    seems ridiculous to close a park just because a few local residents have complained about the noise. children playing and skating making a lot of noise come on get a life.

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brian bold
Shame on these noisy young people. They should be in the army cadets, not sliding about and enjoying themselves. The Council only acts when 3 people complain. Hoorah for democracy.
17/07/2012 11:39
shirley pinder
Outrageous to colse the park because of complaints of a few residents.
16/07/2012 16:28
Jane Humphreys
It is disgaceful that this park is being closed I liver very close by and see no reason it should close the only thing I see is that the council have given provision for parking in the area , the people who are complaining new the park would be there when they were buying their homes. This park provides fun for the children now it will create kids in the street shame on all who are against it
26/06/2012 13:00
robert manning
has an acoustic screen been considered A screen with pyramid shapes on its surface will absorb most of the noise simple tests will indicate what height this should be. If built between the park and the affected houses the noise level can be reduced to acceptable levels
25/06/2012 18:26
Great to see so much support for keeping this park, I'm really not sure how noisy it is, last time I skated there the dominant sound I remember was that of a skylark, maybe the locals are forming a lynch mob to remove the offending nest. Sorry to not fit the drug taking, vandalising stereotype.

Another council trying to shut down a park Broughton Skate Park, Milton Keynes .
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Broughton Gate Skateboard Park - MK10

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport


Please sign this petition if you would like the Broughton Gate Skate Park kept OPEN! The residents of Milton Keynes need to stop this from happening for the sake of the children! MK Council need to understand that the residents should & DO have a say about THEIR community!!!


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