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Milton Keynes

The Can do City

Milton Keynes Skate Parks




Newport Pagnell


Two Mile Ash

Previous Events


Broughton Skate Park - Meet The Parks Trust

11th July 2012 

Fun event

prizes by Zinc and


Broughton Skate Park Jam

30th June 2012

This was originally set up for the weekend before The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council demolished Broughton Skate Park

The Parks Trust own Broughton Skate Park by way of a lease from Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes Council designed Broughton Skate Park Great Park

The Jam was a great success with Jams style contests for Milton Keynes Skaters, Milton Keynes BMXers, Milton Keynes inliners and Milton Keynes Scooters

Quicksilver &  Jart skateboards

Free Stickers at Broughton Skate Park