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The Parish Council serves the areas of Atterbury, Brooklands, Broughton, Middleton, Milton Keynes Village and Oakgrove.

There are currently twelve parish councillors for two wards within the parish. They are Kat Creaser, Mark Aengenheister, Paul Baines, Paul Zanna, Pete Simpson & one vacancy (Broughton & Atterbury ward), Alex Kidd, Ian Mitchell, Jenny Brighton, Laura Haworth, Richard Peters & one vacancy (Milton Keynes Village ward). All are contactable via our clerk Helen Ward, e-mail

The Parish Council is funded by an annual precept, which is paid through Council Tax. Funds are used to maintain our assets, to pay the clerk and for the support and development of the environment, community projects and services. These assets include the sports pitches and pavilion in Middleton, the village green, the paddock in Milton Keynes Village, dog waste bins and four allotment sites.

In addition the Parish Council represents parishioners on matters both parochial and city wide, e.g. planning issues, new policies proposed by Milton Keynes Council and we have representatives on bodies such as the Parishes Forum, Neighbourhood Action Group, School governing bodies, and the Broughton Pavilion Project Board.

We feel it is important to make parishioners aware of our role and we hope the website will help to disseminate information. We also support the production of the newsletter that is distributed to all houses several times a year, and post notices on the notice boards strategically placed throughout the parish. So keep a look out if you want to know what is current.

The public are welcome at all parish council meetings, which are held at 7.15pm usually on the first Monday in the month (except when there is a Bank Holiday and in August) in Milton Keynes Village Hall. Do come along and hear first hand about the variety of work we do.

The Parish Council world

It should be remembered that Parish Councils by the way they are set up are very slow in todays world to report information

A question can be asked at one meeting that takes another month to get an answer too, whilist this can be the right way to do things in the Parish Council world it can take too long

the Parish Councils also have to follow rules and as such what can look like a simple common sence decision can take time to resolve


Broughton Skate Park

9 July 2012 Parish council meeting

  1. Broughton Skate Park
  2. To record action taken following meeting with The Parks Trust on 28 June
  3. To receive update from the Action Group
  4. To consider request from the Action Group for the Pavilion manager to take responsibility for opening & closing the skate park

Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council

(Including Atterbury : Brooklands : Middleton :Milton KeynesVillage: Oakgrove)



Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting

held on

Wednesday 27 June 2012 in the Conference Room, the Broughton Hotel at 7.00pm



Attendees:  Cllrs A Kidd (Chair), I Mitchell, J Brighton, K Creaser, L Haworth,M Aengenheister, P Baines, P Zanna, P Simpson, R Peters  


Others in Attendance:          H Ward, Clerk to the Council

                                                Ward Cllr Peter McDonald

                                                47 members of the public


1  Apologies for Absence


2Public Open Session

Cllr Kidd welcomed everyone to the meeting and provided a position statement on behalf of the Parish Council.  A recent communication from The Parks Trust was read out.

A number of comments and questions were received from members of the public.

3Broughton Skate Park

Councillors discussed the issues, and the following actions were agreed:

  • Meet with David Foster at The Parks Trust this week to seek clarification on the noise abatement notice and their intended actions
  • Challenge the noise abatement order with the Environmental Health Officer
  • Challenge the planning advice that planning permission is not required for change of use
  • A working party, headed by Cllr Creaser, will be set up to seek independent advice on design and noise mitigation and to report back to the Parish Council on 9th July
  • To look at alternative sites in liaison with The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council.





                                             Signed……………………….…………… 9 July 2012