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What Miletree the builder said

Client /Consultant: 

Homes & Communities Agency
Milton Keynes Partnership

Contract No:C401

Project Details

Works consisted of hard and soft landscaping including management of both vehicular and pedestrians to enable safe access, site clearance, earthworks, the construction of 1,500m of footway, re-shaping of existing fields, fencing and construction of a cast in-situ concrete skate board park.
In conjunction with the HCA and Community Mobiliser we created a newsletter which we distributed to all Broughton Gate residents, local businesses and school to inform them of the schedule of works.

Date: August2010

Duration: 20 weeks

Location: Broughton, Milton Keynes

Approx Value: £467,473

Contract: Miletree appointed principal contractor

Broughton Gate Skatepark

 Broughton Gate Linear Park, Broughton Gate, Milton Keynes.

Southwold Crescent/Countess Way

Nearest postcode MK10 7DX


Other Parks in Broughton are:

Cranmore Circle

Southwood Crescent

Basketball / football Park

Watercress Way / Pre-Historic Park

St Lawrence Church Park

Wrens Park

The Linear Park / Ulverston Crescent

London Road and Tanfield Lane Playing Fields

Football pitch / Rugby Pitch


Broughton Skatepark is used daily by young people and adults the most